FAQ = frequently asked questions

Important data and facts about our roofings

No matter whether you decide on a saddle or vault construction, roofings for open areas are not only functional accessories or simple rain protection. They offer the possibility to revalue the location substantially by attractive outside architecture. Besides attractive solutions and the economic efficiency are complementary formatively by the assessment of acquisition and consequential costs.

  • How much does a square metre cost?
    ca. 220 € per m², plus colour Aluminium (9%), colour Steel (8%) and statics (4%)

  • What kind of glazing is installed for the roofings?
    PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) crystal clear or opal  
    PETg crystal clear or opal 
    shatterproof glass crystal clear 
    steel plate galvanised/coated 
  • Which saddle/vault ranges are possible?         
    standard width: 2 - 3 m       
    maximum width: 8 m
  • What is the material of the guttering and the glazing bars?   
    EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063
  • Which column grids are possible?   
    Space frame girder: to 17 x 17 m  
    Double T-girder: to 10 x 10 m
  • How are the roofings maintained and cleaned?    
    The guttering of the roofing is walkable, when required use high-pressure cleaner or sponge
  • Do we need a planning permission?  
  • What is the maximum height of the roofing?       
    Standard height: 2,50 – 3,50 m    
    filling stations: 4,50 m    
    maximum height: 8 m
  • How are the delivery times?  
    8 - 10 weeks after incoming order
  • Which fire protection class has the glazing?            
    acrylic glass: B2 (normally flammable)        
    PETg: B1 (highly flammable)          
    shatterproof glass: A1 (non-flammable)         
    steel plate: A1 (non-flammable)
  • Can you also build flat roofs?            
    Yes. We realise flat roofs as a slightly inclined monopitch roof.
  • Do you have a field service?     
    The whole planning takes place in Kleve. If you have a concrete building project our employees visit you on site. Thus roda has always a close contact to the customer and saves unnecessary costs and time delays.           
    Please submit a groundplan to us for a first offer.
  • How many square metres are assembled each day?         
    ca. 150 m²
  • How long is the delivery time for the verifiable calculations?         
    ca. 2-4 weeks